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RDWales take on management of The Valley, Trecwn

The owners of Trecwn Valley, Manhattan Loft Corporation, have appointed RDWales as the new managers of the former Royal Naval Armourments Depot in Pembrokshire. 

Trecwn Valley has been largely dormant since its closure by the MoD in 1994, but its importance as an employment site for Pembrokeshire is underlined by the designation of over 21hectares (52 acres) in the Local Development Plan for Pembrokeshire, and the recent (February 2015) announcement by Welsh Government that the site has been included in the Haven Enterprise Zone. The Valley as a whole comprises 445 hectares (1100 acres) and includes former MoD buildings and infrastructure that are suitable for a range of office, industrial and storage purposes.

RDWales have submitted a planning application to Pembrokshire County Council to develop a 25MW wood fired combined heat and power station within The Valley, which goes to commitee next month.