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Landowners Wind

What do I need for Wind on my land?

The development process begins with the identification, assessment and selection of wind farm sites. Geographical Information Systems that provide topography and wind speed data for locations establish a baseline for site visits that determine the best locations. Selection criteria will assess:

  • Wind Speed
  • Proximity to Dwellings
  • Statutory Land Designations
  • Site Access
  • Public Rights of Way
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Ministry of Defence Impacts
  • Ecology

Grid connection: there should be an 11kV line close by.

Area of Land: The area of land needed for a single turbine can be very small, sometimes less than an acre if there is good access. The key is that the land is not close to any properties (minimum 350m from the nearest house). Access will play a key part of the site assessment, as the access route of construction will need to accomodate a 29m length load. 

Land Ownership: You need to own the land and have the ability to lease it to RDWales for a period of 25 years. Don’t worry if you plan on selling the land during this period as the lease will get passed onto the next owner.

If you think that you have a site that is eligible please fill in the form and let us know when it would be a good time for us to contact you.