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Landowners Solar

What do I need for Solar on my land?

To be able to generate renewable electricity and receive a substantial income from your land there are a few things that you will need:

  • Grid Connection: there should be a 33kV line close by.
  • Area of Land: The area of available land needs to be at least 20 acres of large open plot(s) not too shaded by trees or hedges. This can be under sole or multiple ownership as long as all parties are agreed.
  • Type of land: The best type of land for solar is flat or south-facing, not overshadowed (by hedgerows, trees, buildings etc). We do not support using prime agricultural quality land for solar development.
  • Land Location: Due to increased panel efficiency solar energy production is now possible throughout the UK. The number of sunlight hours increases towards the southwest, hence increasing generation output and profits. 
  • Land Ownership: You need to own the land and have the ability to lease it to RDWales for a period of 25 years. Don’t worry if you plan on selling the land during this period as the lease will get passed onto the next owner.


If you think that you have a site that is eligible please fill in the form and let us know when it would be a good time for us to contact you.