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Landowners Peaking

What do I need for a Peaking Plant on my land?

The main criteria here are land should be brownfield or previously used for industry, rather than agricultural, and close to a 33kV grid connection. Although Peaking Plants operate infrequently and for short durations, the ideal location has no immediate residential neighbours due to potential noise and should be relatively close to a suitable overhead line or substation. 

Grid connection: there should be a 33kV line close by.

Area of Land: The area of required is quite small, as little as an acre. Ideally it should be at least 300m from the nearest house.

Land Ownership: You need to own the land and have the ability to lease it to RD Wales for a period of 25 years. Don’t worry if you plan on selling the land during this period as the lease will get passed onto the next owner.

  • If you think you have a site that is eligible, please fill in the form and let us know when it would be a good time for us to contact you